Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A brief description of the 5/25 plan.

I'm going to write a much more detailed outline on what the 5/25 plan is when I have a little bit more time. But this is the short version:

Progressives have been locked out of the debate. We have no place in the Republican Party and the Democratic establishment views the progressive left with what can almost be described as outright hostility, with Rahm Emanuel saying that "we're fucking retards" and "don't worry about the left". And here's the thing: I'm convinced that he might be right because he's convinced that we simply don't have the stones or the moxie to run independent or third party campaigns. Let's prove him wrong about that.

My theory is that we can create viable third party runs because of what we've seen in a number of fund raising attempts by Alan Grayson, Bill Halter and others. We're not running "symbolically". We're running to win.

What do we need to win. We don't need to win every seat everywhere. We're looking for enough seats to create a real progressive block that isn't answerable to the DNC and won't be threatened by Rahm in the shower. A bloc where every member has signed a contract not to work for corporate lobbies after they leave congress. Yes, this bloc would have to be chosen very carefully. Not saying this is going to be easy by the way. (And yes, we would sue if they breach any element of the contract. No more toothless pledges...)

As I've said about a thousand times online at various places, we need to initially shoot for 5 senate seats and 25 house seats. In order to run a viable third party independent campaign you need to raise at least 300000 dollars for a house campaign and 2 million dollars for a senate campaign.

I'll write more on this later.

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